Introducing The Incentive MasterCard!

We are delighted to announce the launch of not one, but two reward cards – The Incentive Card, a MasterCard product that can be used throughout South Africa and a second card that can be used internationally anywhere that MasterCard is accepted!

Time and time again research shows us that what people truly want from their reward programme is freedom of choice – the right to choose how and where they spend their hard-earned rewards. The launch of The Incentive Card gives them exactly that – the flexibility and freedom to spend their rewards anywhere they want and whenever they want.

The Incentive Card can be swiped throughout South Africa at no charge. It’s reloadable and each time employees open their wallet, it’s a tangible reminder of the reward scheme which encourages ongoing involvement and engenders positive feelings.  It’s possible to load up to R5,000 at a time and there’s a monthly limit of R25,000.

The international card is also reloadable and can be swiped anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. An additional bonus is that the card can be used at ATMs and also to shop online, making it the most versatile reward card option and it’s accepted all over the world – the customer simply needs to verify themselves and then they can go ahead and spend.

The cards are valid for 3 years so holders don’t need to feel rushed to spend their reward, they can take their time deciding where and when they’d like to do so, and not only that, but they have the option of giving the card to someone special – a wife or a child at university – so that a loved one can also reap the benefits of their achievements.

We are immensely proud to be one of the industry elite to offer this reward solution to our customers. Whether you choose to have the card branded or prefer the cost-effective option of keeping our branding, our two reward cards are the ideal way to increase loyalty, improve retention and foster goodwill amongst your team – call us today to find out more!

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